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Founded on the core belief that creators deserve better treatment from the industry, PennyFly offers something new: no longer do artists have to sign away the entirety of their rights, creative freedom, most of their revenue, and ultimately their life to achieve mainstream success.

Likened by Prince to a form of “slavery”, creators often feel forced into one-sided contracts for one of two reasons (usually both): the need for professional recording/production, and world-class marketing muscle. PennyFly represents a vast network of relationships with the industry’s top PR firms, digital marketers, radio promotors, distributors, playlist curators, tour agencies, event planners, music/film producers, and more - our marketing strategists have worked with the worlds top selling artists, formulating and executing countless successful campaigns for major labels. We have spent years combining our relationships and experience to dissect every piece of the major label business model in effort to offer the same high-caliber services to any project we believe in.

Artists including Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Chance the Rapper have continued to prove mainstream success is absolutely achievable without signing everything away to a label - but they still required experienced mass marketers and invested wisely. The film industry is no exception. We encourage open-minded discussion on what deal structure makes the most sense for the creator and the project - and we guarantee you won’t find deals like ours anywhere else.

Think of PennyFly as an all encompassing creative partnership. By artists for artists, we vow to provide everything you need without the unwanted strings attached.

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