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PennyFly’s ever expanding entertainment network thrives on leveraging the industry’s most experienced teams to deliver world-class results. “It’s all about who you know” couldn’t be more true especially in the entertainment industry; even the most generous budgets risk going to waste if reliable relationships are not in place with the industry’s top marketing teams. With our invaluable network replicating the same proven formulas used for decades to facilitate international success, there is nothing we can’t accomplish together.

Marketing & Production Resources Include:

• Marketing Campaign Strategy & Execution
• PR Firms (Blogs, Interviews, Magazines, etc.)
• FM Radio Campaigns (Regional/National)
• Brand Design & Development
• Custom Sales-Driven Website Development
• Social Media & Digital Ad Management
• YouTube & Google AdWords Management
• In-Depth Web, Social Analytics/Analyses
• Sponsor + Influencer Relations/Pitching
• Satellite & College Radio Campaigns
• Banner Ad Design/Publishing on key sites
• Sync Licensing - Film/Ad Pitching

• Producers & Songwriters
• Artist Management + Development
• Recording Studio Arrangements
• Instrumentalists for any Genre/Style
• Mixing, Remixing, Mastering
• Tour/Event Planning & Execution
• Distribution Deals (Digital, Physical)
• Streaming Playlist Curation
• Film Production, Storyboarding, Distribution
• Music Video Concept, Directing, Production
• Anime Music Video / Featurette Production
• Promo Materials (Print, Digital, EPK, Pitch)

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