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The topic of human trafficking is never easy or pleasant to bring up in conversation. By utilizing the universal language of music through the pipeline of media technology, the integration of celebrity culture, world leaders, captains of industry, and heads of spiritual organizations, our vision is to to shine a light on a trade that should have been eradicated centuries ago but has instead risen to the top three criminal activities internationally.

With musical contributions from the world’s biggest artists including Slash, Fergie, Journey, Santana, and Rob Thomas, Rock Against Trafficking brings people together with the love of music to abolish human slavery and save lives. Our productions in music, concerts, film & television, coupled with the beginnings of a global movement, “Rock Against Trafficking” is the next “We Are The World” or “Live Aid” dedicated to end global human slavery, currently the second largest criminal syndicate on planet earth.

In partnering with Rock Against Trafficking, PennyFly is leveraging the extent of our network to bring success to this movement through fundraising and mass marketing. Anticipation for the “Set Them Free” album release is higher than ever following charting performance (#7, #27) with singles “Synchronicity II” by Journey and “Roxanne” by Glenn Hughes.



A new groundbreaking TV series, StarCrowd showcases upcoming original artists in an intimate “Shark Tank” style environment where industry experts and fans alike have the opportunity to invest directly into artists. Instead of casting a simple vote for your favorite artist following their performance, fans visit the StarCrowd website or app to invest in the artist in return for equity in their career. StarCrowd’s expert panel features industry leaders including Poo Bear, Gary Miller, and Lele Pons among others to be announced. PennyFly Entertainment is assisting with the show’s production, marketing the show’s artists, and hosting premier events. Rock Against Trafficking has partnered with StarCrowd as the primary beneficiary for the show.



With top 40 billboard singles including “Through the Fire”, Wayland possesses all the best qualities of what makes a true rock band stand out in today’s music culture. Selling out all over the midwest with standing ovations from crowds of thousands, Wayland is one of the top trending touring acts having played massive festivals from Kansas City Rock Fest to Rocklahoma. Following their transition away from Kiefer Sutherland’s label Iron Works Records, Wayland continues to find success with their breakneck year-round touring schedule even beating out 4,100 other bands to perform on the KISS cruise.

Between shows Wayland is focusing on further developing their new sound with an array of input from top producers. Their highly anticipated new material seeks to strike a balance of rock band soul layered with commercial pop vibes. With a strong fanbase and a high demand for their live energy, Wayland is poised to take everything to new heights with another chart-topping release backed by their biggest tour ever.



Sparking heavy comparisons from the media including “Elton John meets John Lennon”, Jett’s early releases of soulful alt-rock began to make an impact across the mainstream music community despite no representation or marketing efforts. Music Connection Magazine named Jett #2 among the top 25 new original artists of the year inspiring a relocation to Los Angeles - within the first year he was recognized by the world’s leading private events organization, the XO Group, as LA’s top solo musician with their annual "Best Of" award.

The long-awaited debut album “Frequencies” has since been years in the making with producer PJ Bianco who specialized in defining the “Electro-Elton Geek Rock” sound true to Jett’s original vision. Now in the final stages of mixing, promotional planning is underway in anticipation of the first single release.


As cryptocurrency continues to improve the very core of finance for the entire globe, JiveCoin finds its niche within the charity and music communities. With very few charity-based coins in existence and none with any measurable celebrity backing, a massive opportunity exists to put fourth a leading currency in this market.

JiveCoin will adapt the highly successful Ethereum model to allow for fast transactions and the use of smart contracts, granting a percentage of each transaction to our approved charity network. As the cryptocurrency space is heavily driven by PR and public perception, support from our network of major artists will have a significant impact on the success of Jive and its partnered charities. Jive’s ICO will incentivize select major artists and influencers to promote #JiveCoin in exchange for coins (Jives) relative to their desired level of participation. Charitable organizations like Rock Against Trafficking will be able to accept merchandise payment/donations in Jives, offering discounts to those using our currency. JiveCoin’s white paper is currently in development with partnerships being formed in the blockchain community to expedite exchange listings and launch visibility.


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