Head of Artist Management & Brand Initiatives

Alyssa Hoffman began her professional career in the education department of a Fortune 500 company, going on to become her industry’s “Board Member of the Year” and “Educator Of The Year” through her work with the state’s association. 

Yearning for responsibilities outside of education and into her passion of the music industry, Alyssa left her Fortune 500 position to become the manager of Wayland — an emerging, American rock and roll band named after the Michigan city in Allegan County. She has since completely rebranded the band and restructured the team around them inclusive of industry veterans responsible for working with clients including Drake, Britney Spears, and Chris Stapleton. 

Through her conscientious efforts and business acumen, Alyssa has secured cruises, endorsements, sponsorships and other major opportunities for Wayland’s members including introducing them to Rock against Trafficking. Thanks to Alyssa’s efforts, Wayland now contributes to a noble cause which transcends music itself.

Having made a positive impact in the music industry, Alyssa has expanded her career with three positions of repute: she works as the Public Relations Marketing and Social Media Director for New Ocean Media, a full–service media firm that offers various management services for its world renowned clients including Capitol Records, Def Jam Recordings, Universal Studios and Warner Music Group. Alyssa also serves as the head of artist management & brand initiatives for PennyFly Entertainment, a “by artists for artists” company providing independent projects with major-label caliber promotional muscle. Alyssa additionally runs her own music management company, Fearlyss Entertainment, who presently acts as Wayland’s management.
Fulfilling the duties of these three positions simultaneously demonstrates that Alyssa is a multifaceted force to be reckoned with when it comes to making music and musicians noticeable and impactful.

Alyssa has been integral in the business management aspects of Rock Against Trafficking and is the key point of contact for all artist relations.

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